Dirty Martini

Title - Dirty Martini
Author - Kavipriya Moorthy
Publisher - Story Mirror
Cover Design - Sneha Jolly
ISBN - 978-93-86305-01-5

This is the second book by the author, Her first book is " I don't wear sunscreen" which you should read, if you have missed it.

About this book - I do not want to say much. It is all about 3 main characters - Preethi, Raghu and Prabhu. The book analyses the critical aspect of how a woman is being treated in the society when she wants to pursue what she wants and lead the life, she waned the way.

No one, even her parents would be willing to support all the time due to various circumstances. I am glad that Kavipriya took a bold step and unlike other novels which has a smooth ending, this novel too did but in a different way.

The mindset of the protagonist, Preethi would be appreciated by the like minded women and when I say like-minded, I am sure there is at least 95% out there in the present day which might be the reverse some 50 years back.

This is a Erotic Novel but having said that, I did not find it unnecessary in any part of the story because the events that were attached to the sequence of the story did very much needed it. If this was not present, the story would have been a boredom.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and though you may find it bit elaborate on the later half, you must give complete attention to each aspect that was explained so beautifully in detail by the author.

In other words, this book is surely one of its kind :-)