He Who Dreams

Title - He Who Dreams
Author - Santosh Avvannavar
Editor - Rajshree Ghosh
Book and Cover Design - Nitin Sharma, Yogesh Kumar (Pixxel Digital)
Genre - Fiction

He Who Dreams is a combination of 4 short stories. It also includes one main story - the story of the inspiration for this book - Nand Kishore Chaudhary(NKC) also referred as BhaiSahab who is behind the success story of Jaipur Rugs

Santosh is very practical when it comes to penning down his stories and most of them are drawn from real life situation which connects well with the readers. Having read few of his other books, I can certainly say that he stands apart from others with his unique way of approach and style.

The four short stories spans across various verticals which includes the life of a widow, a person with disability, husband incapacitated due to accident and that of a sex worker. All these stories are based on women as they are the ones who gets affected irrespective of turn of events in life. Santosh has tried to address those social issues through his  book.

The book is available on Amazon both as Paperback and Kindle Edition.