In Loving Memory

Title - In Loving Memory
Author - Haimanti Dutta Ray
Genre - Memoir
Publisher - Rupali Publications
ISBN - 978-93-81669-85-3

This is a memoir where the author Haimanti Dutta Ray has captured the life of her father Shyamal Dutta Ray, a noted Water Colorist.

The writing is so appealing for the fact, the memories were captured not only from the aspect of a doting daughter but also from the aspect of a fan who loved the art. The book brings out some memories of the author right from her childhood as to how she grew admiring her father's talents.

It also portrays some of her outing with her dad on special invitation to few places and what her dad liked the most. The book also points how her father stuck to the water colors when his counterpart moved to oil painting.

As a reader, I was also glad to see some of the rare pictures that were printed in this book.

What moved me the most was the final chapter "And Life Goes On" where the author talks about how her life and that of her mother changed after her father's demise. It is not only appealing but will also make us think, for sure.....

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