The Unpredictable Heart

Title - The Unpredictable Heart
Author - Moksh
Publisher - Partridge,A Penguin Random House Company
ISBN - 978-1-4828-5756-6
Genre - Fiction

This is a simple story but with  great emotional connect. Moksh has made me travel to my past. When I say this, I am sure that even you would be travelling to your past for sure to rewind your memories.

Mrinav is the protagonist and despite being surrounded by some good friends, he always had this complex of not looking great. He falls in love with few girls in the so called journey of life but never emerges successful.

He was almost about to lose his hope when he finds some one special. Who is this person and how she had come into his life is the story. Moksh has used events that would sound so realistic and it seems that this is an actual combination of reel and real life incidents. The book has surely made me connect with my past which I would say is the real success of the story.

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