The Mind Game

Title - The Mind Game
Author - Devika Das
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Pepper Script
ISBN - 978-93-84411-37-4

This book is unique in its own way. It comprises of 6 Sections with few chapters in each section. It talks about our day to day in great detail and how one can effectively come over their shortcomings making this life a beautiful one.

Section A - talks about mastering your emotions and as we all know it is this emotion which plays a vital role in shaping or destroying our career. Unlike others, this book not only asks you to control it but in the first place feel it. It also talks in detail about facing and protecting your emotions. You can also get to know about mastering your emotional intelligence.

Section B - talks about leading a simple life but with high thinking. This is quintessential for one's success. In this modernised world, we hardly spend time for our family and friends. This book discusses about this crucial aspect as well which is the need of the hour.

Section C - talks about analysing people. We end up with wrong friends most of the time which in turn makes us fail miserably in our ventures. This section speaks about making the first impression, effective questioning, non verbal communication and methods and techniques of analysing people.

Section D - What are the secrets of True Happiness? If you want to know about this, you need to read this section without skipping it. Why would you skip it anyway when you have the book in your hand :-)

Section E - Do you know how to manage your anger creatively? Have you ever heard about creative anger management before? Read this to know about this interesting aspect.

Section F - Have you eve wished to have a successful career? I know this is a silly question since we all desire for it. This chapter is exclusively for all who wants to make their career successful.

The book stands out from other due to the presence of Section D,E and F. Having said that, Section A,B & C are equally good as well though they might have been discussed in other books but nor for sure the last three sections which makes this book a treasure to cherish.

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