Book Review - Echoes Of The Heart

Title - Echoes Of The Heart
Author - Farzana Zahid
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Raindrops Company
ISBN - 978-93-86163-25-7

This is a collection of 51 beautiful poems written by Farzana Zahid which captures the essence of human emotions lucidly. It talks about love, melancholy, loneliness, fate, dreams, memories, hopes among others.

Why is this book special?

The book will connect with you in each and every moment of your life. The emotions are more or less common for all of us but they way it gets put forward makes the difference.

If you are a poet or desire to become one, this would surely help you out as you would get an idea of the structure and the way to go forward.

I myself would wanted to review it with a simple poem composed by me to make this review look different and unique. Here it goes:

There came the parcel
Which had the book - I expected
It was a lean book
But not a mean one - in anyway
The idea was clear
To read and grasp - the contents
When I finished reading
I was certainly awestruck - with its sheer excellence

The book is available on Amazon.