Book Review - The Flame Of Anahata

Title - The Flame Of Anahata
Author - Saranya Umakanthan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - General Press
ISBN - 9788180320248

What would happen when a astra with unimaginable powers fall in the hands of wrong people? The book is a story which was beautifully written by the author with characters that would take you to the past and bring it back to the present before you could realise you have read 200 odd pages.

Suraj, a superstar from Bollywood falls in love with Diya. Diya rejects his proposal in front of all making Suraj feel real sad but somewhere Suraj knew that Diya loved her and it is during one of his trip, he realises his past and he was none other than Indrajith and Diya was none other than her lover Deepali. Indrajith gets deceived by his own brother. Why and how?

He joins hands with dark force who comes back again to haunt this love birds. Did they succeed in their attempt or did the love prevail over the evil?

Read this interesting plot which is as good as a movie since you will not feel bored even for a moment. The characters were well portrayed and used. I am now eagerly looking forward to the next release in the comeback warrior trilogy.

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