Book Review - Iridescence

Title - Iridescence
Author - Abhishek Gupta
Genre - Travel Photo Poetry Book
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
ISBN - 978-9384315290

This is one of its kind book. It is not your usual poem book but a book with a difference. You would certainly agree to it when you finish reading this book.

The book is divided into 2 parts with 30+ poems in total. This is a Photo Poem book which means each poem is supported by a beautiful pic or vice-versa. Both complement each other is what I would say because be it the pic or the poem, it brings out the nuances that surround us.

It would surely given you an eccentric feeling especially if you appreciate nature. There are lot of things happening around us which we hardly fail to notice or give much importance. Abhishek has noticed it in minute detail and brought it beautifully through words.

They say a Picture would speak 1000 words worth of content and imagine this concept - a Picture+Words which speaks more than what a picture could actually speak or convey to the readers.

The book carries the foreword from none other than Mr Subhash Chandra, MP and Founder of Zee Group which speaks about its quality an the volume.

The book is available on Amazon