Book Review - Minds@Work5

Title - Minds@Work5
Author - Various
Genre - Poems
Publisher - FirstStep Publishing
ISBN - 938330641-6

An high five to this book. I have read few anthologies of story books but for the first time, I have come across an anthology of poems and when it has some 15 poets, do I need to mention the fun it brings out?

Coming from various backgrounds, these poets has put forth their thoughts in a beautifully scripted poem with each of them are unique from the others. They carry a mixed feeling which one can connect as soon as they have finished reading this book.

The idea to bring an anthology is a unique one.While few of them have written only 2 poems, most have written 5 with the highest being 6 by Daman Singh. The message is clear. Go and grab the book and show your support towards these awesome poets who had brought out their best through this anthology.

You can also get to know about these poets which would clearly show their passion despite having different backgrounds but has united them together.

The book is available on Amazon