Book Review - Vertical Living

Title - Vertical Living
Author - Vidyangi
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Partridge India
ISBN - Hardcover - 978-1-4828-7549-2
             Softcover - 978-1-4828-7548-5
             eBook      - 978-1-4828-7547-8

Vertical Living is a Self-Help book with a unique proposition.Any one prior to start reading this book may come to a conclusion that there is nothing much this book could offer as there are hundreds and thousands of self help books out there but you would be proved wrong.

The main reason is the concept - Vertical Living,where the author brings out in a subtle way as to how one can achieve this.This is a unique concept and the way the facts were given makes it an interesting read.The book may be just 200 pages but the information it would give you is equivalent to few thousands of pages.

The book is divided into 10 chapters with each chapter emphasising on a certain aspect. The book also talks about five levels of Vertical Living and also the ways and means to achieve it. Being a Toastmaster Professional, the book couldn't have been any better. The topics are complemented with some beautiful images and charts which would make you get more attracted towards its content.

We may not give much importance to few things in our daily life like self control, choosing the right food etc.,but all these plays a a vital role to achieve the desired goal. Many a times, we would have listened to our inner mind or intuition and took a decision which most of the times proved to be correct. The book talks about the intuition in great detail.

Be open minded. Be reactive. Be receptive. Try to hangout with people who have varied interests. Most importantly "Share the Best Practices" which can make not only you but also your association/company a successful one.

What I liked most about the book is the citation of few examples with the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Dr Devi Shetty, John R Adler, Robert Noyce, Albert Einstein, Suhas Gopinath to name a few who have achieved something big in their respective field and how they made it possible and how they handle the name and fame coupled with their heavy work schedule.

You should not miss out on the 22 Vertical Living Lifestyle Tips which is the crux or the essence of this book. I had goosebumps in few places when I read some of the quotes. For example Walt Disney's statement on recession "I've heard there's going to be a recession. I've decided not to participate"

The book is not only a treasure trove but also a perfect guiding companion for you to reach your path of success. Remember, the book is only a tool. The success of your life depends on how you would grasp it(contents) and put it to good use......

By the way, what is Vertical Living?

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