Book Review - She:She heals everything

Title - She:She heals everything
Author - Deepak Gupta
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishing
ISBN - 978-1545451915

The book She:She heals everything talks about one major character or creation - SHE. The author talks about in great detail as to how and what troubles are being faced by a woman right from her birth. It begins with the formation inside the womb - Thankfully, due to the strict prohibitions on scanning to ascertain the gender is in place, she gets a life but again, she comes to this world to face more trouble since she has been in the "Hate List" already.

The book also talks about various aspects in her life right from her dressing, her freedom to select her partner, social evils lie dowry, harassment which includes murder, acid attack which is the common scenario in our country. We boast that we are modernised and civilised but why do we still come across incidents like Nirbhaya(which has become a known name nation wide but there are 100's and 1000's of Nirbhayas across the country who never come to the limelight).

The book is an eye-opener. Though one may say, it may not be relevant in the city, it is in the same city that a famous actress was assaulted. Author has brought out his best feelings speaking on various topics as mentioned above which would appeal to the readers and feminists and those who champion the cause of female rights.

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