I am who I am

India or Bharat is known worldwide for various reasons, be it with inventions or innovations. We can take pride in lot of things but most importantly our Culture and Tradition.

We have an Unique Culture which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. We have the joint family system which is still prevailing in many parts of the country. We give respect to the elders and would always seek their permission and blessings prior to venturing into anything be it with business, studies, travelling overseas and to some extent, marriage as well.

What did I do inline with my culture and tradition which has made me as to what I am today?

I have always believed and practised few things religiously.I believe in God and since I come from the country which appreciates all the religion, I do not confine myself worshipping a single GOD. I believe GOD is ONE and is UNIQUE and I have got friends from all the religion and I have always taken part in their festive celebrations and invited them when I celebrated mine like Pongal, Diwali, Dussera etc., In fact during Diwali, we all gather week before in my place where we use to burst crackers on the terrace, after which we go to restaurant to cherish South Indian delicacies.

We use to send the specially prepared food items and sweets to our neighbours who were predominantly Muslims and Christians and they use to reciprocate by sending Biryani during Ramzan and Bakrid, Cakes during Easter and Christmas. I believe my locality was truly an example of being united together and nothing that happened anywhere across the globe has affected us even once. We still continue our friendship even though we have gone to various parts of the World. I guess this UNITY is the need of the hour since intolerance has become the most common scenario.

What makes me feel proud about the other aspects I have followed inline with my tradition and culture is being a teetotaller since I have promised my mother as a kid that I would never touch alcohol and tobacco which I am following even after 25 years. I made this promise when I was 10. Now, you know my age :-)

I made the promise after being inspired by Gandhian Principles who is the Father of our Nation.

I was also deeply moved by Raja Harishchandra and vowed my mom that I will not utter a lie. I followed it during difficult times which saw me come out of it unscathed. There are incidents I could cite that I faced as a kid during the schooling days and as a man at my work place where I was targeted for no fault of mine. I must admit proudly here that nothing harmed me because I stuck to my position firmly and the so called TRUTH saved me.

Last but not the least, I must say that I worked for a UK company and true to my patriotism and commitment, I had never worked on our Independence Day - August 15th and once I was at the work place and my work was suppose to end at 12:30 AM on August 15th. I took special permission from my team leader who has gracefully agreed to my request and asked me to log-off from my work station. I would remember this incident forever....