Book Review : Compensate The Past

Title - Compensate The Past
Author - Mohammad Israf
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Good Times Books Pvt Ltd
ISBN - 978-93-840436-2-9

The novel is a simple story which has a simple message "Aim for the stars" which is what the protagonist Rajat does. He falls in love with Taniya who also accepts his proposal. He had a good friend Abhi who stood thick and thin in what ever he did.

Rajat had a troubled childhood. His mother raised him and his siblings single handedly when his father passes away. Rajat joins a premier institute and at the time of completion, gets a plum job which he rejects. Why did he do that?

Rajat also faces rejection from Taniya all of a sudden. Why?

Rajat does few things to compensate the past. What was it and what did he compensate? Did he win back his love?

Read this story to find out more. I liked the concept though it was bit old. My ratings are only for the story and I felt a better editing would have made the story a more compelling one....

The book is available on Amazon.