Book Review - When Change Happens…A Story of Organisational Transformation

Title - When Change Happens…A Story of Organisational Transformation
Author - Lalit Jagtiani
Genre - Management / Self Help
ISBN - 978-1-945926-23-5

Many of us have read books on principles and techniques of management. I am not an exception. When I received the book, "When Change Happens…” my intuition said that this would be a different one altogether. I was right.

What is special about this book?

The book is on change management and some techniques around it, which the author (details about the author are shared at the end of this post) has focused on.  What makes the book special is the author’s unique telling of an otherwise heavy and seemingly rigid subject, making the content more appealing, almost to the point of it being inspiring.

Yes. You read it right.

The book is a short novel in which the protagonist, Matt, takes the readers through his journey of organizational transformation, which he is assigned to deliver. I could connect with a few of Matt’s experiences.  Been a banking professional plus a Subject Matter Expert, I could quite easily relate to some of my past experiences through the insights and learning that When Change Happens…offers to its readers.

Like many professionals, in my organization, too, we followed tactics like Sharing Best Practices, Teaming, One-on-One Mentoring and Side-by-Side Coaching; to name a few. Having said that, I found this book valuable as the author presents different concepts, those that many of us may not aware about.

On the surface, the story is a simple one.  That of how Matt successfully transforms his organization, despite the many challenges he encounters.  But the underlying gut of the story drives some important messages that has been meticulously bundled – those which will not only makes the narrative engaging but the concepts easy to comprehend and absorb. And might I say, even doable for professionals who are undergoing change in their organizations.

As a coach, the author has taken every effort, through his writing ability and his knowledge on the subject, to uncover processes that support a successful transformation program in an organization.

The book consists of 18 chapters; each with a well-depicted illustration, pertinent graphics, and thought provoking quotes and fully-loaded with practical lessons of change.

Anything more and this will become a spoiler.  When Change Happens… is a necessary buy.  With almost all companies experiencing change in today’s extremely unpredictable business environment, I see great value in its content.

About the Author

Lalit Jagtiani is a Business Transformation Specialist who currently works with top customers of SAP to drive innovation and transformation that create a business value.

He is a certified Master Coach in Organizational Learning, Certified Trainer in BTM2 - the Transformation Methodology of SAP, a Certified Trainer in Performance Coaching and a leading practitioner of Design Thinking. He also holds a Diploma in Film Making, which has led him to script and direct numerous TV and video spots.

Do visit the FB page to get connected - https://www.facebook.com/whenchangehappens and you can buy the book here http://www.whenchangehappens.org/about-the-book#orderOnline.

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