Book Review - The Moon In The Sun

Title - The Moon In The Sun
Author - Sanjay Kumar Singh
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-947137-47-9

The story of this book has been inspired by two separate incidents which the author has experienced when he was a kid. The book has brought forth those memories in a subtle manner. I loved the way the low has been from the beginning till the end and remember, it was not just another ordinary novel but a novel with a uniqueness.

YES. The entire story was setup in the form of a poem where the story begins with the protagonist Narayan Sambhan as a kid when he gets hired by a forest officer to help him spot a tiger. The story goes until he becomes old and passes away eventually but what made this book really appealing was how the transformation takes place in a human life which was so meticulously described by comparing it with the life of a tiger.

A brilliant effort which surely needs support from book readers like us.  You will surely not be disappointed.....

The book is available on Amazon.