Book Review - Second Chance

Title - Second Chance
Author - Dr Sandeep Jatwa
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - eBooks2go
ISBN - 978-1618138026

Second Chance is a fiction novel by Dr Sandeep Jatwa. A well written story which takes you to places and when I started reading this story, I was totally amazed by its sequence that I could not believe myself that I was already in page 75.

The story is about a rich businessman by name Shekhar Kapoor who did not do anything good in his life be it with treating his employees or his ailing dad. He conspired with a person and acquires hi competitor brand. Just then he meets with an accident. He goes to hell. The journey of Hell was described so vividly that at one point, I felt like I was there but then I realised as to why would I go there :-)

After returning from hell, Shekhar Kpoor starts doing lot of good things. I am not disclosing them here as it would become a spoiler. The story has few characters and incidents. All of them were explained clearly in the initial part of the story and later as well making it a perfect read.

Author deserves an applause for the efforts he has taken in presenting a good story which would make a person with soft corner to cry at least in 2 places minimum because it made me cry in few places which I would say is the success of this novel.

Give it a read as it is worth your time and money.

The book is available on Amazon.