Book Review - Con Kabir

Title - Con Kabir
Author - Vinod Gairola
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Frog Books
ISBN - 978-93-52015-54-2

Are all the con men bad in nature? Is their main purpose to make money and nothing else? If your answer is YES to any of these or all, you must read this novel.

A novel which has been written to make a common man understand as to why there is no peace on Earth today. As an educated lot, few of u know as to why the war and invasion takes place - which is either for Oil or Arms. 

We also hate our neighbour Pakistan and so as them despite being the fact that we were once a united nation. Bangladesh and Burma are no exceptions. Why would a nation like US try to broker peace between us? Don't we see their real intentions?

Through this book, author ha brought out the darker side of the so called super powers and how a con man named Kabir who is the protagonist of the story tries his best to teach them a lesson. A story well written that will make you read at one stretch but having said that, you should read it as a human being without being aligned to any religion - in fact, author has emphasised on this in the very beginning of he book.

Grab your book. Read it. You will understand the reality and would appreciate the efforts taken by the author to put up such big conspiracies in a simple way.

The book is available on Amazon.