Book Review - Karma : World's First Instaread

Title - Karma
Author - Kevin Missal
Genre - Horror(Fiction)
Publisher - Kalamos Literary Services
ISBN - 978-9384315627

I was amazed when I got this book. It was surely the World's first Insta Read. A short yet very crisp story that would keep you guessing till the end. When I finished reading it, I was still unsure - just like how it would end in a Hollywood Movie keeping the viewers guessing as to who the real culprit is/was.

Sharman Malik was happily married to Urvi but their life gets shattered by 3 of their neighbours which surprisingly Sharman was not aware of. His wife gets brutally raped and murdered only to return back after 8 years to avenge her death.

What did she do? How did she avenge her death is the story. Beautifully written with perfect synchronisation of events which gave a thrilling read despite the fact that it was a real short story. Read it to find out who the culprit was....

The book is available on Amazon.