Make learning fun with QtPi

Learning earlier has been one tremendous job. During the early Vedic period, Gurukul system of learning existed where the students irrespective of their family economic status or background would be sent to the Gurukul they get to learn their lessons on various subjects from the master.

They use to stay there for years till the studies got over. The system had it own advantages and disadvantages. When it got evolved, we had modern system of education where hostel facilities were created. It had all the comforts of the home making the students feel motivated when it came to learning.

When we look at the methods of learning, leaving aside the above, we had palm leaves to start with where the writings were inscribed on it. Then came the usage of quill. When paper got invented, it replaced the traditional methods and since this system had a long lasting nature of holding the records, it made learning easy.

Let us leave aside the above also now. We would now change our focus into ways of learning and see as to how it evolved. We have had lot of different learning systems across the globe like sign language which was the initial method of communication that was used in learning as well. Then came writing when language was invented. To make it even more interesting, we had audio visual way of learning. This has made learning really interesting since this made the life of students easier and interesting. Projectors were being deployed in the classroom these days in few schools and educational institutions.

As the education has evolved, we have come across lot of interesting and innovative ways of teaching. One such concept is QtPi. Being founded by industry veterans from renowned companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle and Tech Mahindra who has spent years on research and devised a unique learning composition that aims at eliminating fatigue caused by theoretical training which is now been made interesting with exciting practicals.

The solution was arrived by using Top-Down approach with kids in the mind of the founders which made them built everything from the scratch. When you think just like the person you wanted to be or put it in other words "stand in my shoes to understand", the concept became more appealing and relevant.

The courses offered here are custom made to get the best out of the kids and it is also developed to identify the interest of the kids in design,electronics, software enabling them to hone their interest right from the childhood. What makes it even more appealing is the select few kids would also be featured in the future educational videos.

With human imagination that has the unlimited potential, QtPi thrives at building innovative and yet kids friendly robotic kits which consists of Arduino based main board, Sensors, actuators, building blocks and mobile app.

This would help the kid to virtually build infinite type of robots.

Sounds interesting? Do check it out yourself at www.QtPi.in for more information. You may follow them on their social media pages too -> www.facebook.com/qtpirobotics & www.instagram.com/QtPiOfficial