Review - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pic Credit - IMDb

Pirates of the Carribean - the movie which has held the fort strong ever since the first part was released has yet again proved why it is one of the highest grosser of all time.  The movie is a classic without any doubt. I saw the movie on the same day it was released in a multiplex.

Johny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow was as cool as ever. The irony is whatever he does turn to his advantage. Wish it happened to all of us in the real life and to him as well :-)

Having said that, the introduction scene of Jack was really awesome where he is found sleeping inside a treasure chest of a bank during its opening ceremony with one of the lady. The entire building gets shifted by his men along with the chest and in the end, the chest alone remains with all the money and valuables spread over the city.

At once, his own members revolt against him saying that they did not consider him as their captain since the "Black Pearl" is no more. On the other hand, the protagonist - Blacksmith Will Turner meets his father in the "Flying Dutchman" where he was captured as a soul due to a curse and he promises to get his dad relieved from the curse. He gets threatened by Salazar - who plies in a ship with dead souls who wanted to avenge Jack Sparrow for causing this.

Did Salazar avenge his death?

Did Jack Sparrow got back his crew?

Did the Blacksmith Will Turner helped his dad?

All these were captured in a very subtle manner in this movie so excellently. The VFX effects were at its usual best and is best enjoyed when being viewed on 3-D.

The lover of the protagonist was not as appealing as Keira Knightley. To my surprise, Keira makes a guest appearance in the end.

A movie which is still capable of giving the pure entertainment.