Book Review - The Inimitable Chaos Of Life

Title - The Inimitable Chaos Of Life
Author - Dr Maliny Mohan
Genre - Fiction (Short Stories)
Publisher - Story Mirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-46-6

A book well written by the author. StoryMirror has been doing a great job in finding the hidden talents from across India and its founder Mr Devendra Jaiswal, despite of having a Corporate background has quit his high paying job and took up this profession with passion and I must say that he has done a fantastic job so far in giving a platform which is real big without any expectations. His idea is unique and simple. Find new talents continuously and keep them motivated. Few of my friends had their books published via StoryMirror and they have been doing really well.

Coming to the book now - It is a collection of 13 unique stories - each having its own set of emotions associated with it and has been conveyed in a subtle way but yet in an appealing manner. It talks about love, betrayal, emotions, victory, sacrifice to name a few.

Few stories even made me shed tears which shows how unique and appealing the stories are. All these stories are connected to the journey of life which no one can escape and has to pass through. I wouldn't be going into the stories here since this isn't a novel where few lines can be written about it. These are short stories and even few lines may end up exposing the whole story. Hence I would not be giving any spoilers here.

Why should you buy this book?

As mentioned above,the stories are unique, appealing and can connect with the readers easily. Go for it, today.