Wisdom is everywhere

Wisdom is Universal. We seek it through various means and methods. Some search for it by reading books and literature. Others seek it through traveling from place to place, or by visiting a place of worship. Do they succeed in finding it? Not everyone does, but the very few who manage to come to realize that there is nothing greater.

I came across a unique video about Wisdom and I was totally awestruck.

The video is an encapsulation of what Wisdom is by Dr Ru Rui, Abbot of Pushou Monastery. It was filmed at Mt. Wutai, which is considered one of the 4 holy Buddhist mountains of China. Each of the monks and scholars from these four mountains has their separate set of tenets on Buddhism which, I should add, really was news to me.

The Monastery site is focused on Wisdom. The videography was unique, containing a very realistic take of the events, which would cause anyone watching this video believe that they had been there personally.

Another marked point about Mt. Wutai is that it houses hundreds of women seeking Wisdom, the reason being that they’d come torealize how empty yet infinite life is. Some part of the video where Master Ru Rui speaks is captured in Chinese, but do not fret,  it doesn’t detract from any crucial elements of the storyline.

According to Master Ru Rui, Wisdom comes from making good use of one's mind, insomuch as to seek emptiness and infinity in all that one does; furthermore, that it does not include nor give importance to material wealth and accomplishments, which are considered to be earthly by nature.

The essence of the meaning is Wisdom = Focus of the Mind

Master Ming Hai, Abbot of Bailin Temple perceives Wisdom as that which “transcends nationality, religion and culture”. To end on this note was a real inspiration since it talks about making mistakes that need to be rectified, that which cannot be discussed through simple talk, but instead should  be found from within.

How does this Wisdom affect us in our day-to-day lives?

The message from this short video is clear. Wisdom is spread everywhere and should be realized from within. Nothing can compensate for it or replace it, since it is unique and can only be acquired through self-realization.

This message helps one to realize the importance of Wisdom, while at the same time leveraging easy ways to obtain it, which in turn will help him or her to overcome the limitations one faces throughout life. The message of the video is that Wisdom needs to be spread far and wide, since it is the need of the hour which can ultimately help to avoid jealousy, one of the root causes of all miseries.

You may watch this exemplary video by clicking the following link -> http://bit.ly/2sRq1o0