Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India

Marketing is the new hero in the ever-competitive marketing field. Marketing has evolved from Print, Banner, Television and Telephones.  With the advent of the internet, things started taking a different turn. Initially, the internet was expensive and one had to pay for – 1. The telephone for the dial-up and 2. For the service provider. However, with the entry of few telecom service providers, the rates came down to the minimum extent possible making the internet really affordable and cheap.

Few companies like Yahoo and Rediff entered this space much earlier and though they survived, they did not evolve with the changes making them cede the market leadership to Google which had a humble beginning but has now grown to be the biggest technology company in the World.

Around this time companies started exploring the digital space. Few Social websites entered the online space. Orkut was the first to get into this space and was introduced by none other than Google but since it was static, it lost its sheen. On the other hand, Facebook got introduced in early 2000's, but it got popular after it spread its wings outside the University campus where it was founded. It became one of the biggest sites in the world pushing it founder to the World Top 10 richest person. Not all were happy with Facebook as it is popularly called and some wanted to express their opinion in a much concise manner. Twitter came to their rescue. With limited characters, Twitter avoided unnecessary stories.

A Couple of other sites where the interaction level started gathering momentum were YouTube (by Google) and Instagram. Instagram gained popularity very quickly. Facebook bought the Instagram for a huge amount. It also spent billions to mop up WhatsApp.

Why were all these done?

It all zeroes down to internet marketing. As the online world grew, along with this came the new form of marketing called the Influencer Marketing.

There are influencers in every area like sports, movie and authors. These Influencers are prime Influencers. Then comes the other set of people who wield greater influence through their social media contacts. You might ask what is in there for the influencers?

The answer is simple.

You get paid handsomely, and some of the top influencers like Miss Malini rubs her shoulders with Bollywood celebrities and earns in lakhs per month - as per the news & quoted by the founders of Social Beat.

Blogging has become a career option for many, but the question is how to monetize your content?

The answer is simple. You must ask your "influencer" friends who would recommend Influencer agenices. As an "Influencer" myself, if you ask me, I would recommend "Influencer.in"

There are few reasons to this. The company is based out of Chennai and is founded by Chawla Brothers - Suneil and Vikas Chawla. They have executed many successful campaigns for their clients and payments has never been an issue. Payments is always made on time as promised to the influencers.

I was lucky as I got introduced to them by another friend way back in 2011 and ever since there was no looking back. I did few campaigns with them including that of Murugappa Group - where I covered Aircel Chennai Open, Margazhi Utsavam. Apart from that I also did few campaigns with them for various brands including Citibank, Kovai Pazhamudhir Solai among others.

I felt that I was given importance during every campaign and my ideas were always considered. I was given the complete freedom to execute the campaigns. The team is always friendly to interact and very supportive.

I was glad when I heard that the agency had opened up another office in Bengaluru spreading their wings.

What makes them different?

Apart from featuring some of the top bloggers from the respective fields, unlike other agencies where they select the influencers most of the time. On Influencer, one can apply all by themselves by visiting the website, and all you need to do is to click the campaign and select - Live Campaign.

Easy, isn't it?? If you are an Influencer looking for some interesting work – go ahead and register on their website.

For those who are always on the move or who do not have access to the desktop/laptop all the time can get their app downloaded on to your mobile and can apply for campaigns with ease. The app is available for both the platforms namely Android and iOS and can be downloaded by clicking the links -> Playstore & Appstore 


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