Book Review - Promises of a Firefly

Title - Promises of a Firefly
Author - Anupam Patra
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - StoryMirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-63-3

Promises of a Firefly is a debut book by Anupam Patra. It isn't a novel but a collection of 11 short stories which would make you feel the words for sure. In fact, I can bet that the readers would surely shed tears atleast for one story or the other as the words were so powerfully used which would make you connect with the stories instantly.

Each story is unique on its own. On one, it talks about how a mother misses her child and on the other, it talks about relationship between Mother-in-Law and Daughter-In-Law.You cannot judge which story is better over the other because of its varied content and emotions attached to it.

The book talks about sacrifice, about the life of a prisoner, about the life of a girl child as to how she fought untiringly to perform the last rites of her father and so on and so forth.

I would better not go too deep into each story because it would become a spoiler otherwise since these are short stories. My disclaimer is this -> If you are a soft hearted person, I would better recommend you to read one story at a time and not all of them together because it would otherwise become too much to bear.

A promising work by the author and has proved his mettle on his debut book itself which certainly needs much appreciation and the readers support. Do show your support by buying the book by clicking the links given below.

The book is available on Amazon and Snapdeal