Book Review - In The Name Of God

Title - In The Name Of God
Author - Ravi Subramanian
Genre - Fiction
Publisher -  Penguin Books
ISBN - 978-0-143-42573-1

After giving continuous hits like The Incredible Banker, Bankerupt, If God was a Banker, God is a Gamer & The Bestseller She Wrote, Ravi Subramanian is back again with a bang. This time, it was the most sensational topic which had kept all of us on toes a few years back - The hidden treasure of Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala.

He has used the sensational news in this new novel in a very subtle manner combining some of the real life events like donation of an elephant to the temple by India Cements N Srinivasan making it a real life thriller.

The story would keep you guessing as to who the real culprit was till the end. Initially I too thought that I did find the murderer but I was wrong in the end. There were lot of twists and turns which was handled so very neatly by the author.

The story begins with treasure being found in the temple and chaos that surrounds it as to whether they need to be documented and who would be the custodian and things like that but it gets into a different dimension when couple of murder takes place. I am not mentioning the name of the characters as it may play a spoilsport. 

Why did these murders happen?
Who was behind it?
Was it for the treasure or something else?
Were the culprits been found and brought to the justice?

There were so many why's which can be answered only when you buy this book and read it completely. I am sure that you would not feel fatigued reading this 405 page marvel. It was the usual style of the author who has never failed to enthral the readers like in the past.

The book is available on Amazon and on all leading bookstores.