Book Review - Reminiscences Of A Seeker:Dark Face of the White World

Title -Reminiscences Of A Seeker : Dark Face of the White World
Author - Kapil Kumar Bhaskar
Genre - True Story
Publisher - Angel Books Publications
ISBN - 978-81-933599-0-7

Have you ever got the insights of what exactly is happening in the background of sadhus, yogis and aghoris? This book will take you through the journey of the author who has experienced it in real. Having said that, this book may not be suitable for those who do not believe in GOD but at the same time, only if they read it, they would know what exactly is happening.

You may also wonder whether all these events mentioned in the book were true but it is up to the belief of the readers because author does not insist that we should believe it. Few of us would have experienced something similar to what the author has experienced which would give you goosebumps for sure.

Though the book is all about author's life journey, it makes nothing less to that of a thriller novel as he gets challenged by how his own guru's Guruji Trilokenath and Asurnath on various periods and how he gets relieved from them and whether he ends up getting what he seeks in the end is all this book about.

The events described in the book were surreal and it will make the readers feel that they were there in real. Do give it a read today!!

The book is available on Amazon.