Book Review - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Marks

Title - 13 Steps To Bloody Good Marks
Authors - Ashwin Sanghi & Ashok Rajani
Genre - Self Help / Motivational
Publisher - Westland Books
ISBN - 978-93-86224-76-7

This is the third book in 13 Steps Series - the other two being 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck and 13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth(both have been reviewed by me). This book is yet again an exceptional outlay pertaining to the subject which was kept as the title.

We never had understood the smaller things what we did as a kid has in fact helped us greatly. This includes reading in a sitting posture or walking while reading. We have also avoided television (most of the times) and there are so many which we did but had eventually forgotten and when it comes to our own kids, we tend to adopt an approach which is been followed presently which is incorrect. What has worked for you can be tried and replicated with your kid as well.

The last minute rush in reading(not revising), discussing with the other students on and after the exams(which I conspicuously avoided as I knew hat they would simply confuse your mind which would affect the next exam greatly), using different coloured pens to highlight the points, showing working notes to name a few are well explained along with some suitable pictures and diagrams.

The book does not give you any false hope or teach rocket signs but when you read it, you will feel it connects with some or most of the habits you have practised or inculcated but had forgotten about it due to time lapse, would not help you in rekindling it. The author has mentioned about losing 1 mark in his maths subject where he scored 199/200. I can connect my own experience as well where, I missed answering a 2 mark question in an hurry which saw me scoring 198/200 in Commerce Exams in the 12th main exams way back in 1997.

The experience of both the authors will make even a dull student bright as it shows the right path and all one need to do is to follow that direction.

The book is available on Amazon.