Book Review - Kansa

Title - Kansa
Author - Prassant Kevin
Genre - Thriller
Publisher - Inked Company Publishing
ISBN - 978-819-324-0571

A perfect novel that would keep you on the edge of the seat from the beginning till the end. The twists that comes up in the tad end of the novel when you have thought that you have found the real killer is just amazing.

Professor Black ho himself has had a dark history gets roped in to find the serial killer Kansa. He joins with ACP Saargi Desai who initially though Professor Black was a ruthless and psychopathic person but he turned to be a real pro and a gentleman.

The start to investigate the case with a person who has escaped the killer and professor stumbles upon a vital clue which leads them to a person. However things takes a different turn and the killing continues. This makes our protagonist to work even more harder and he does finally entangle all the knots to reveal the real identity of the killer which would take you all by surprise.

Though the novel runs for close to 400 pages, you will never fell fatigued till you finish it. It is a perfect companion for  the weekend or when you are travelling a long distance either by bus,train or even an airplane.

The book is available on Amazon.