Book Review - Harp

Title - Harp
Author - Nidhi Dalmia
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Authors Upfront
ISBN - 978-9-38443-989-7

A romantic fiction that was set in the 1960's which would make you go back to those days and people like me who were not even born by then have had the chance to get to know the first hand information of hos the world was back then - especially the Europe. 

Author has meticulously penned the story including most of the intricate information pertaining to love clubbing with the lifestyle of Europe. The story revolves around 3 characters but predominantly on the protagonist Ashok. The other two being Lauren and Aparna.

Ashok was born in a industrial family and leaves to Europe for higher studies, mostly to implement the learning in his dairy company. He goes across various countries and cities which includes Paris, Wroclaw, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and UK among others. He ends up meeting different women across these places which includes Nicole, Barbara, Vera, Hanna and Irina but most importantly he meets Lauren and falls for her. 

Luckily for him, his love gets reciprocated but destiny had other plans. He could not stay there forever as he has come back to take care of his father's business since he was getting old and lot of issues started coming up in his company after the independence where the rules were really strict and regulated.

What I liked the most is about touching upon the local lives in each and every location with minute attention detailing from the food to how the people over there behaved. The novel is a real bulky one but I am sure those who love reading a lengthier novel would not find any difficulty in going through this in full and the price tag for such a beautiful novel is very much justified.

It kind of made me connect with my own life incident as well but jut that I wasn't there but had my own phase of life where my ex girlfriend was from Kiev and we could not continue any further due to the distance and culture(something similar to the one portrayed in this novel) even though our parents knew about our inclination to each other. So I could very well feel and place myself in the place of the protagonist Ashok.

In the meanwhile, Lauren has to move away from her place for a better life and she meets someone and so as Ashok who ends up meeting Aparna. 

What happens in the end is what this novel is all about. Give it a read. You will find it a real soothing one, especially if you have had an experience of the protagonist at any given point of time in your life.

The book is available on Amazon.