You can live without cash - with PayTM (Ab ATM nahi, #PayTM karo)

While everyone has been using eCommerce sites and Digital Wallets, I decided to do it differently. Why not try to live a day without cash?

I knew for sure that it is possible with the advent of digital wallets and introduction of debit and credit cards but not all the time you would be carrying your card but for sure, you would have your mobile phone with you at any given point of time.

Hence I decided to use my PayTM wallet. The end result was really surprising. Take a look at hos my day unfolded. Some sentences may have been dramatised to give that feel and appeal to you(readers). I began my day by buying couple of kilos of rice from a Rice Merchant.

So, as mentioned above, my house had enough stock of other materials like oil, vegetables etc and rice was cooked since this is our staple food. I then went on to buy a footwear(Since I have forgotten to capture it, I am not sharing the SS here).

Dad had to get his blood sugar check up done. Do I need to say that I use my PayTM even over there?

From there, I went straight to a medical shop to get is blood sugar tablets. The shop did accept my PayTM mode of payment.

Unfortunately, the shop did not had Blood Pressure tablets on stock and hence we went to another medical store and the procedure for making the payment was totally different. Even though I scanned the code, there was an OTP generated which needed to be shown to the shop keeper. I showed it and the transaction was done.

By the time all were done, it was already noon.  I had my lunch and took a nap. It was 3PM then and I already started feeling hungry. PayTM came to my rescue yet again. I went to a local cake shop and purchased cakes and puffs along with bread. The payment was accepted without any hassles.

It was evening then. I decided to complete my dinner. I went to a local restaurant and they accepted the payment with all smiles.

Finally when I was returning home, I found something irresistible. I saw a shop selling pickles and idli podi. Needless to say, I was tempted since I saw PayTM prominently displayed outside the shop. I went ahead and completed my purchase. My day was done.

Points to note:

1. I did not mention the establishment name unless it was displayed on the payment screen as I do not want to put other establishments in trouble being less advantaged.

2. You can find all the shops that accepts PayTM payment in and around your locality using nearby option on the app but I would suggest to check it prior whether they accept since some may not. I had this experience with few shops since they refused to accept the payment due to less patronage or the shopkeepers were reluctant to use it. It is an opportunity for us being an educated ones to highlight the importance and benefits of Digital Payments which I did.

3. Do ensure that your wallet is loaded prior.

If I can live a day without cash or card, you too can for sure. Give it a try and feel the difference.


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