Book Review - Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins

Title - Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins
Author - Bharat Madan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Author Paradise
ISBN - 894-4-571-548-39-9

A  novel that is so well written without making you feel bored right from the beginning till the end. If you love science fiction, this novel is certainly for you. It kind of gives you the surreal experience of going to the past instead of future. 

Jim Morgan is the protagonist and despite being so much successful, there was something that he was not contended with. He meets someone which he himself does not believe as to who the person claimed that HE is and when he goes on a time travel, things takes a different turn. Unlike the other stories, where usually a person goes to the future, here, Jim travels to his past.

Why did he travel back?
What made him to travel?
What did he find?
Was he be able to set things right?

I liked the way the story was penned because it had some fantasies here and there without losing the grip on the actual story line. Jim has to get the clue to answer the above questions and the clues were available in his own novels.

How did he leave them unnoticed?
Who reminds him of these?
Did he manage to find these clues?

Read the story and unleash the answer yourselves.

The book is available on Amazon.