Book Review - The Colours Of Passion

Title - The Colours Of Passion
Author - Sourabh Mukherjee
Genre - Thriller Fiction
Publisher - Readomania
ISBN - 987-93-858544-5-3

A great story which would make you say is this person the real culprit in the end. A plot that was so beautifully scripted without giving even the slightest hint as to who was the real culprit. The story begins with a murder of an actress Hiya Sen. Her high profile better half Manav Chauhan gets beaten brutally and gets admitted in the hospital.

Agni and Arya enters the scene since the duty of investigation falls on them. Agni starts his interrogation and his doubt falls on Rituja Bose with whom she had a spat. Rituja also had a relationship with Mayank Kapoor who in turn was seeing Hiya as well even after she got married.

On the other hand, Manav breaks up the engagement with Neha prior to getting married to Hiya. Now there are lot of complications as to who the real culprit is and while they were trying to get the investigation complete, couple of murders happens which throws away the investigation angle into a deep chaos.

But having the brainiac Agni an Arya, the case gets unfolded in the end with some unexpected twists and turns and the plot for these murders were even more surprising. Give it a read of this thriller and I am sure you would be entertained till the end for sure.

The book is available on Amazon.