A tribute to all the teachers in my life

I am what I am today. I feel this day belongs to all my teachers who shaped my career and most importantly made me a person with virtues where I feel proud about myself of being a teetotaller, speaking only the truth at all times, respecting rules & regulations among others.
This day also belongs to my Mother who was my first teacher who taught me patiently without which I wouldn't have understood things back then. Though I'm little impatient in teaching her these days with technology, without her, I wouldn't have acquired all the knowledge which I feel proud about and the good characters she made me to embrace - being truthful, not to be selfish, live & let live are some of the few I drew from her vast experience. Though she has not even completed her schooling, she saw me competing couple of Masters with University Rank. Who can be the best teacher than my own mother??
I also owe to my father who taught me the very important aspect of timeliness which I feel proud about because in today's world, I see less than 10% keep up with their time commitment & I'm one among them 
Last but not the least, I'm ever thankful to
Standard 1 to 5: (1984-1988)
1) Uma teacher 
2) Meenakshi teacher
3) Late PNT teacher
4) Geetha teacher
5) Jayanthi Balasubramian teacher

Standard 6-12(1989-1995)
6-10) Revati mam, 
Dr K N Ramaswamy sir and others who shaped my career meticulously.

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