Book Review - Different Shades Of Women

Title - Different Shades Of Women
Author - N.S Ravi
Genre - Fiction
Publishers - Author Paradise
ISBN - 8944571548429

Nuranis Ravi is a critically acclaimed author who has been successful in penning different stories of different genre and has been successful in getting them reaching the readers like me in the most efficient way. I pretty much liked his other two novels including the last one Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh which has had a different dimension to a novel.

Different Shades Of Women is a unique book. I would say all the 8 short stories included in this beautiful book speaks about womanhood. It talks in detail about the emotions faced by women who don various roles in their lives - as a Child, Sister, Mother, Wife, Sister-in-Law, Mother-in-Law.

Each story talks about these roles in detail and would make you cry for sure. I would not talk much about the stories because it would become a spoiler otherwise. It talks about the general issues faced by women when it comes to claiming a share in the property, when being unable to conceive to give birth to a child, when falling in love, when forced to take the crucial decision to name a few.

When the women is seen as a mere puppet in the present world and is being portrayed as one even in some of the movies in general, author has portrayed them in a very respectful way which would bring out the emotions from any man, if he really appreciates a woman because it is she who has given birth of him. Read the book to appreciate the womanhood.

The book is available on Amazon.