Selling a gadget isn't easy

Selling a gadget isn't easy though it looks otherwise. There are many pros and cons to it. Let us first see the pros:
1. You can get to upgrade it to the gadget of your choice.
2. You can get rid of the old one which you may or may not have liked.
3. Be up to date with the gadget.
4. Flaunt it among your family and friends.

The cons includes:

1. You may not get the best price for your gadget.
2. You may have to shell out more money when it comes to an upgrade.
3. Most of the time, you might end up selling at a price which is less than 30% of the original price.
4. Data being at risk, if not formatted or erased properly(laptop/desktop/mobile).

I too had faced some difficulties when I wanted to sell my iPhone since it was outdated by then. I am still thankful to the brand as such because unlike its counterparts which is eligible though not guaranteed with a single upgrade of the existing OS, iPhone on the other hand gives an upgrade of up to 4 versions which is not known to many. When I say 4 upgrades, it is the minimum or guaranteed one but having said that, a survey showed that Apple had always priced its products at the rate of Rs.90 per dollar when it was being sold in India due to high overhead costs which includes Tax. If you notice, you would also see the product rate getting slashed by more than 20 to 30% when the next model releases. However with 4 minimum upgrade on a gadget, one could use it for 4 years which means after that, the product loses its sale value though it would still be in good condition(depending on the usage).

I bought an iPhone 4 when the price came down to some 25,000 rupees and it was already 2 years old by then since iPhone 5 was launched that year. However I got lucky wherein I had won a contest bagging an iPhone 6 within 2 months of its release and hence it became imperative for me to get rid of the old one which was near to obsolete since it did not get any further software upgrades as it crossed that guaranteed upgrade timings.

Now, I was bombarded with various questions which included:

a. Dude, the product is of no use since it won't get any upgrade. Why do you want to sell?
b. Can you give it to me for Rs.500? (even a Jio phone is expensive)
c. Can you give it to me for FREE?

After a long while, a friend of mine was convinced and agreed to buy it. I was packing my phone to be delivered to him as he knew as to how I used the product and moreover the actual age of the product was less than 2 years though it was in market for 4 years. He did agree to pay a good sum which was agreed by both of us. Had it gone through, it would have been a win-win deal for both of us. Then came a sudden storm. My mom who was watching all these scene had decided to barge in and you know what probably had been the outcome...

Yes. I decided to give away my iPhone to my Mom. I did not regret it but I missed a great deal since I would have sold it to my pal even without giving an advert(I did give an advert and I did not get the desired price which is a different story altogether). My friend felt sad but I couldn't help out. How would I when the supreme force has intervened?

It did not end there. I had to repeat the same task but with different beneficiaries which included the likes of my Dad, my better half, my in-laws since none of the smartphones which I had could not be sold due to the poor demand and excess supply(I am an Economics Student) which made me a real loser as I could only get the happiness of seeing these gadgets being used by my family but some of them, if only it would have been sold would have fetched some good money for sure. Since family is involved, there is no regrets from my end, whatsoever.

However, I am sure not all would end up with the scenarios just like mine. If you did, it is time that you headed over straight to https://www.cashify.in/

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Take a look at this impressive video which was made with some real life scenarios but would make you think well, before you could take any decision as to whether you need to sell your gadgets. If you did, what needs to be done and where you needed to head over to...


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