My first ever Hookah Experience

Before I could start this blog, I must convey this Statutory Warning

"Smoking causes Cancer. Smoking kills. None of the person shown in the video supports or promotes smoking since smoking is injurious to health"

Being a teetotaler, I always had a fantasy when it comes to smoking. I however refrained myself till date from smoking and in fact asked my friends to stay put from that. I also did gift an eCigarette to one of my friend in order to make him to get rid of smoking slowly. As a kid, I had tried with various other options like smoking a candy chocolate which satisfied my desire.

When I came to know that there is a restaurant which gives an unique "Hookah" experience I wanted to try it. Unlike the usual stuff, this Hookah was unique. It offered various flavors since even the management of this restaurant were actively promoting "No Smoking" which they have even put it up inside their property.

The restaurant V Lounge  is located at 6,College Road, Nungambakkam. It is just two buildings away from the renowned K.C.Das sweet shop and is located on the first floor.

Coming to the food that is curated which would go well along with the Hookah were the likes of Mongolian rice,Triple cheese grill, Mexican grill sandwich, Chilli cheese toast, Chiili mushroom, Dragon baby corn, Chilli paneer, Basil rice to name a few.

Each and every item is so well prepared that it gave me a mixture of all kind of taste be it with hot, sour, salty, tangy among others. I must say that these offered a very good alternative to pizzas but was more tastier than that.

The place is a great one to hangout with your friends. It offers 2/4 wheeler parking too. 

What makes this restaurant a must visit?

1. Unique Hookah experience
2. Ambiance
3. Taste and Quality of food
4. Delicacies
5. Presentation
6. Seating arrangements
7. Parking facility
8. Affordability
9. Hygiene
10. Location

If you are looking for a place with all the above to spend some quality time with your family or friends, you know where to head over to....