Book Review - Secrets, Sins & Struggles

Title - Secrets, Sins & Struggles
Author - Kamini Kusm
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Zorba Books
ISBN - 978-93-85020-95-7

Secrets, Sins & Struggles is a collection of five short stories written so very brilliantly by Kamini Kusum. The protagonists of this book includes Pooja, Shrawani, Avni, Harsha and Geshna.

The story revolves around these five female characters and details out as to how they get exploited, betrayed and made to succumb to the selfish wishes and desires of the male counterpart. I must admit that these incidents happen across the globe and has been very effectively captured by the author.

While these women gets exploited for various favours, there were few good men as well who lived in this story to portray that not all the men were bad which I must appreciate. Needless to say, in this male dominant world where everything is done as per his wish, women have very little to say.

However, the story also details out that not all women would be considered as a weaker sex since if they wanted to take a revenge, they would ensure that it is done at any cost which would serve as a alarm signal for men who wanted to take them for a ride, at their own behest.

A great attempt which would surely need support from all of us....

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