Book Review - Corporate Avatars

Title - Corporate Avatars
Author - Disha
Genre - Business/Self Help
Publisher - Jaico Books
ISBN - 978-93-86348-88-3

Corporate Avatars is a mirror of your life especially if you have worked in a corporate world. The book details about the various type of characters which exists in the corporate world. You may not have necessarily come across all of them since the book has more than 40 different characters but atleast a few of them in your stint with the corporates.

It doesn't mean these characters do not exist outside or in any other firm. They do exist but what makes it most interesting is the existence in great numbers due to the sheer size of the employees. There are at times you might have felt dejected for not being able to climb the so called "Corporate Ladder / Growth Ladder" in the organisation you work and you might be wondering as to what exactly is going wrong. If that was the case, this book will just help you in overcoming those shortcomings because in the Corporate world, no one would guide you through out as they themselves wanted to grow and may hardly dedicate time to oversee your growth.

The book not only talks about all such characters in detail but also gives an example which would make you understand and classify as to what segment/category the particular person would fit into. It doesn't end there. You have also been given few tips to handle those characters and a final tip which is the icing on the cake.

I loved reading it from the very first character Mr Free Rider to the last one Mr Confused.  Since each one is unique and different from one another, you will not feel bored or find a repetitive character in this exhaustive book which according to me would surely help you grow in your professional career.

The book is available on Amazon.