Shop smart with Myntra

Whenever a festival approaches, we all tend to go for shopping. Gone are the days where we use to take our time, travel really far along with the family and spend huge sums to do our shopping. Invariably, we would end up spending more than our budget which would become a real headache after that which would take at least 2-3 months to offset that overshot expense wherein we would be forced to work overtime.

While some were smart enough to hunt for offers by going across various localities, others ended up spending more for the same product which would become a real trouble in the household. Having come across this phase myself, I wanted to make myself super smart and what I did was simple. While others were busy looking for offers in the high street stores, I knew where I need to head to. I adopted the path of Online Shopping which I knew for sure would help me in saving not only the time but also the money.

Being a watch fanatic, I keep buying them on occasion like Diwali, Birthday and my Wedding Day. I also had another habit. I keep changing the brands so as to ensure that I had maximum number of brands. This time, I wanted to go for Fastrack Watches.

You might ask why this in specific. The reasons are few:

a. I do not have this brand.
b. I always wanted to wear this brand and flaunt it among my friends.
c. Being a brand of TATA, I know for sure that this is one of the best brand when it comes to watch.
d. It would complete my collection in entry level segment so that I can concentrate on mid-level.
e. The after sales service wouldn't be a problem since they have service centres across India.

Needless to say, I not only wanted some range to select my favourite but also to get that at a discount. After going through the extensive range of Fastrack Watches, I zeroed in on the below model. There were few reasons behind this selection.

1. Firstly, its from a genuine Online Shopping site which always offered genuine products.
2. The product exactly did fit into my requirement of being unique and stylish.
3. Last but not the least, the product was available at an impressive 40% discount.

What more would I want/ask for?

Like I said, the site also offers the option of selecting according to your budget which can be done with the help of filters. Give it a try.

While I have restricted myself with regards to my purchase, the options that are available in front of you are very many spread over various segments for all age groups which would make you spend all that you wanted but in an effective way since spending on Myntra would ensure that you get more for your money. Is it not a tempting one? I am sure you would thank me later for having helped you in saving some time and more money.