Book Review - Street Trash

Title - Street Trash
Author - Thomas Leslie McRae
Genre - Non Fiction
Publisher - Eber & Wein Publishing
ISBN - 978-1-60880-211-1

This is a novella which revolves around John Hall and Edward. The story is all about how John, a 57 year old maintenance man who works for the Free B Clinic in Equal Opportunity Department spoils his career by being immoral. The story isn't suitable for kids but for others, it serves as a alarm as to what one shouldn't do.

John  never gave importance to his helper Edward and he always thought he is in total control and never liked when his errors were being pointed out by the lower grade colleague - Edward. He also used all the opportunities that came his way including accepting gifts and sexual favours which saw him landing up in trouble, big time.

The moral of the story is simple. Be truthful and honest to your work. You may think or go out of the box to help others but not to enrich/satisfy yourselves as you need to do complete justification to your work and pay and most importantly show some respect to your colleague irrespective of his pay grade.

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