Book Review - Magic Square

Title - Magic Square
Author - Salini Vineeth
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

What should I say about this book? My rating to this novella would pretty much convey as to what I wanted to as I am giving a perfect 5/5.

Yes. It is a brilliant story where I could see the reflection of the long lost love(in this case, it is the love of writing) where author has used very minimal characters but has still kept a reader like me hooked to it till the end.

Amudha & Dheeraj we’re enrolled as PhD students after their M.Tech under the guidance of Prof.Murthy. Though Amudha wasn’t as excited to pursue it, she did it as she could not find any other solace, let alone a job, anywhere. I would say that she never had any goals until one day she gets some details about a book where one L V Sreenivasan has scribbled something in the back of the book along with a Tamil poem. She decides to trace him as he might be helpful to them in their studies but she ends up with an unforgettable journey. The journey makes her to discover things that makes her more stronger despite Dheeraj asking her to return back as she has to report back to her classes. Having found her stubborn in her stance, he then decides to call it a day by agreeing to support her on her endeavours. The story would make you feel happy yourself, if you are also in the quest of seeking the unknown - be it a character or anything else.

Who is he?
Did she manage to trace him?

Read the novella to know more and I’m sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Author has used a simple language but the choice of words and the formation of sequences were so compelling that it makes them a real interesting story. An incredible writing and a real good read for me. 

The book is available on Amazon