Book Review - A Hundred Little Flames

Title - A Hundred Little Flames
Author - Preeti Shenoy
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Westland Books
ISBN - 978-93-86850-42-3

Before I could start writing my review, my heartfelt thanks to the author for penning such a wonderful story. After looking at the front cover, I had a different notion about the book but when I started reading it, I could not help but lose myself in the story.

This may be a usual story but it is certainly a story with a difference which will make it to stand among other stories and I can also say that if this story is made as a movie - preferably in Malayalam, it will be a sure HIT.

The story shows two contrasting worlds - one that of a every busy and mechanical city life and one that of a serene life of the countryside. The protagonist of the story are not one but three of them. Gopal Shanker, the grandfather of another protagonist Ayan Shanker and Rohini.

The book shows the difference between what goes on in making wrong assumptions. It also emphasises a point strongly that two people can be good friends for life and that friendship can become love or vice-versa which need not have to always end up in sex or marriage.

The journey which Ayan takes from Pune to Thekke Madom(his grandfather's house) in Poongavanam village in Kerala was captured so beautifully by the author and so as the characters associated in the entire story which made me cry literally in few places and I can bet that this story will either make cry or move your heart for sure.

Indulge in it now as once you start reading it, you will lose yourself in this amazing journey.

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