Book Review - Melody's Key

Title - Melody's Key
Author - Dallas Coryell
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Createspace Independent Publishers
ISBN - 978-1533430212

Melody's Key is a slow paced romance fiction story set in a sleepish British county. Tegan, the protagonist lives there along with her family. She had a secret which she kept it to herself without revealing it to any and use to visit those memories once in a while as it got locked with the key to that staying with Tegan which she protected dearly.

While things were going in a normal way, their family had a surprise visitor from U.S. Though Tegan who earlier had a relationship with Cale started seeing Simon, this new visitor Mason Keane came as a breeze in her life. Tegan did not had a good image about Mason in the beginning but things started happening in such a way that she began to realise slowly that her notion about Mason was incorrect. Mason did not do anything out of the blue.

What did Mason do then?
Did Tegan fall in love with Mason?
If she did, what happened to Simon?
What was the secret all about?

Give a read of this bulky novel which would be a perfect companion for you when you are feeling lonely since it would bring back some of the memories you would have had in your life. 

The book is available on Amazon.