Book Review - The Surrogate Lies

Title - The Surrogate Lies
Author - Shantanu Munshi
Genre - Comedy(Fiction)
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
ISBN - 978-93-84314-77-4

The book is a story about how different people from different walks of life meet and go on a journey. Though the book hasn't got a logic, which according to me is justified, since it does not need one, the book will make you sit captivated till the end.

It revolves around 4 main characters - Paul, a writer ; Hazare, a stranger ; Raj, a driver and Ben, a mysterious foreigner. What brings them together is what you need to find out reading the book. Though the book claims to be of comedy, I did not get much of laughter. May be I did not got hold of the tiny tit bits though in some places, I did laugh.

The book wouldn't disappoint you. If you are looking for a change from your routine genres, this book is a good choice.

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Thanks sarath for the review... Though I would have loved if you went into further details like the writing style, characterization, the flow of the story. I thought the review was too short.