Book Review - You Came Like Hope

Title - You Came Like Hope
Author - Jyoti Arora
Genre - Fiction
ISBN - 9789352884742

Peehu had a troubled past and stayed aloof whereas her twin sister Pakkhi was successful and was outgoing. Life throws a chance for Peehu to be successful like her sister. In the process she meets her love Aadhi and Mani. 

Peehu later goes through a difficult phase which makes here to retreat from everything and starts losing the confidence. Had that affected her love life? Aadhi who had has his own past pulls him from falling in love with Peehu. Will they overcome their past to win the future? 

The story is bit complicated but when you start concentrating on this, you will understand the nuances in a better way. It may not be interesting to all but having said that this is not an ordinary story for sure.

Kudos to the Author who dries the point in a subtle way that love does not arise out of pity but because of pure emotions. Peehu reminds of girl we meet in our day to day life. 

The book was a quick read. There are no unexpected twists and turns but will make you keep glued to it till the end. 

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