Monthly Meet - December 2017 - Chennai Centennial Heroes

Date - 17/12/17
Place - Hotel Pratap Plaza
Time - 6 to 9pm
Special Invitees - Dr Sivakumar(Cancer Specialist) & Mr KS Rajasekar,GM-Marketing Bharat Matrimony
Guest of Honour - Ln Bose, DC

Our club hosted the monthly meeting on the above said venue. PST were present & so those who could make it including Ln Rajaram, Ln Sankar, Ln Vinoth, Ln Suresh, Ln Thiagarajan, Ln Dr Luther Seth & Lioness Priyadarshini 

At the outset, I would like to personally thank all who made it yesterday & looking forward to the participation of other members in the forthcoming meet.

President called for the meeting to begin. After a brief introduction, Ln Bose started speaking to us for good 15 minutes. He spoke about leadership & said how he skipped few business client meets yesterday for the purpose of attending our meeting. We thank you sir for the gratitude.

Then it was the turn of Dr Sivakumar who took over & spoke to us in great detail on how cancer affects us, the reasons & precautionary measures. He also did speak about the Paediatric Cancer & the reasons of its occurrence. It was an eye-opener session for us. We thank Dr Sivakumar who had come along with his better half despite his busy schedule.

Finally, it was the turn of Mr K S Rajasekar,  GM-Marketing of BharatMatrimony. Despite reaching Chennai only in the afternoon since he gave a presentation in a summit in Kochi & his daughter’s birthday, he arrived as promised by him at 7:15pm & gave an excellent speech on leadership taking the example of Sachin Tendulkar & his he exhibited the skills during his tenure in the Indian team. We all were enthralled by his sheer knowledge & speaking skills. Thank you sir for making it for us despite your busy schedule.

Finally, it was felicitations where a novel was presented to the Guest Speakers, DC, President & Treasurer and need the day with a sumptuous dinner.

Points discussed - Membership which would be the driving force in strengthening our club

Pics were shared already in the group. Videos are up on the You Tube Website.

Ln Sarath Babu S,
Secretary - Centennial Heroes