Future Ready With Bose

My first ever sound gadget was this. How many of you remember? I am sure those who were born in the 80's of prior would have surely used this as a kid.

Image Credit - E-Science center

When I made it for the first time, my joy knew no bounds since I felt that was a real accomplishment. This was a simple gadget with an empty matchbox, 2 sticks and a thread with which the gadget was made which use to carry the sound from one end to another. They had its own limitations though. It cannot pass through walls. It cannot have bends as the sound carrying capacity would be distorted. Nevertheless, as a kid, I liked it a lot.

I have come across various gadgets since then which included the likes of tape-recorder, walkman which was really big and heavy and later when the technology developed, I started using headsets. Again these headsets differed from one brand to another. Some were heavy and some were ultralight. The rates were also fixed for these products depending upon the brand, make, color, weight and the specifications. 

The speakers too those days use to be real big. I was of the notion, the bigger the speakers, the better the output and larger the sound/noise. The notion was never changed until I saw the BOSE Speakers which were really smaller in size and at times was as small as 1/20th its predecessors without compromising on quality and sound.

As a kid, I also remember using this which I am sure is being used by many of the kids.

Image Credit - Amazon.com

My viewing experience too has changed drastically over the period of years. Thanks to the technology which has made this possible. From a Cathode Ray Tube(CRT's), I am now viewing it in LED. To make my viewing experience more personalised and amazing, the VR headsets are making it even more memorable. When I saw a movie on a VR Headset, I was totally amazed. I felt like I am living in that world. 

Well, with the advent of technology, even the phones will be made flexible that one could bend(as the news goes by) and these would be a near possibility in the future which includes:

1. Goggles that could serve as a VR Headest
2. Goggles that would have in-built ultra-mini Bose Speakers and with this, when a person attends a wedding sangeet, each and every one will have their own choice and preference being delivered to them direct by the music host of the party by enabling a feature
3. Travel to any country in the world through VR without having to physically visit the place
4. Telecommunication from Earth to any of the other planets FREE of Cost (provided these were inhabited)
5. SOS enabled headsets to name a few.

Bose has certainly transformed the way we hear the sound. Its quality and impeccable record in this field cannot be emulated atleast for few decades as their products were visionary. You can change their range of mind blowing products here

Book Review - The Consolidators

Title - The Consolidators
Author - Prince Mathews Thomas
Genre - Business
Publisher - Penguin India
ISBN - 978-0-143-42930-2

There is a saying that "Castles aren't built overnight". When I read this book, I couldn't disagree with it as it portrayed the journey of some of the known names in a very meticulous manner. This book is very different from others since you cannot shrug it off saying that it is an autobiography but at the same time, the book I think for the first time ever has captured the stories of entrepreneurs who made it real big. Yes, they did inherit the business empire from their parents but having said that, these Second Gen entrepreneurs has not only retained the empire but has expanded them manifold.

The book has the stories of:

1. Shri Ajay Bijli of PVR
2. Shri Abhishek Khaitan of Radico Khaitan
3. Shri Mithun Chittilappilly of V Guard
4. Shri T.S. Kalyanaraman of Kalyan Jewellwers
5. Shri Rituraj Sinha of SiS Group Enterprises
6. Shri Vikas Oberoi of Oberoi Realty and
7. Ms Priya Paul of Park Hotels

I am sure you wouldn't have come across all these names in a single book before though you would have heard about their life stories on individual occasions. I like the way author has written this book which is no less than a story but unlike the usual case, this isn't a fiction but based on real life incidents.

While I have liked the entire book as a whole, I have liked the story of Shri Rituraj Sinha of SiS Group Enterprises. There are few reasons behind it. Firstly there is a section called "My Learnings" in the end of each story which has the essence of what has made the life of these entrepreneurs a real successful one and to top it up, these were told by these eminent people themselves.

Secondly, there was this line which is a real effective one and if followed, can make anyone a successful entrepreneur. It says "Build the capability to ensure that each diversification also becomes a specialization". This is certainly an unique power phrase which you wouldn't have heard or come across before.

Rituraj Sinha was born in a affluent family. His father Shri R K Sinha who is addressed as RK in his circle is a First Gen entrepreneur who is also a BJP RS MP. He has built a business empire of Rs.25 Crore company but ever since Rituraj Sinha took over the reins from his father, the company had grown manifold that it touched the turnover of Rs.5,000 crore in just 15 years. This isn't a mean achievement. Similarly, his employee strength has also grown exponentially from 9,000 employees in 2002 to 150,000 employees in 2016.

I was really surprised that all these had happened by an accident. What started as a hobby became a full time profession. The company he founded SiS Group Enterprises went on to become India's 2nd biggest security company next only to G4S which is not an Indian company though. I liked the way as to how he transformed his failures into success. Not many would admit that they had faced failures but Rituraj Sinha was gracious enough to accept his failures which did not go as per his expectations but how he took it as a learning point and turned them to his advantage.

The chapter is exclusive since I remember seeing his company staffs (Dusters) work in an MNC BPO where I worked with such efficiency. I must admit that I have availed the services or product from all the above except of Oberoi realty and Radico Khaitan( I am a teetotaller but not my family)and now I understand as to what has gone into making these brands extremely successful and stand aside from its peers.

Give it a read. I am sure, you will not only fall in love with it but would surely recommend this book to your aspiring entrepreneur friends who can learn as to how they too can become successful without having to face the failures.....

The book is available on Amazon

Enterprise Risk Management by ICICI

Aligning Risk with ERM

The complexity of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a growing challenge and an equally lucrative opportunity for organizations. We're seeing this trend due to rapid changes the ecosystem of businesses and their ability to manage wealth/funds. ICICI Lombard recently published its research "Readiness of India Inc.". It throws up immersive insights for companies to reflect and change the way they look at risk, return and wealth management. An online research by interviewing 130 C-Suite risk officers and identified the way Indian organizations deal with organizational wealth, risks and investor interests associated with it. 

Some of the key highlights of the report:

        81% have appointed board level subcommittee for risk management
        3 out of 4 organizations have risk governance mechanism in place for more than three years
        29% deploy advanced analytical tools for impact assessment
        36% do not perform risk culture diagnostics
        35% continue to use spreadsheets for risk management
        11% do not use technological platforms for risk management
        81% believe that ERM helps protect corporate reputation

Wealth management is more about engaging with wealth in meaningful ways to realize its true value/return. The research material explains how ERM as a mechanism can combine culture, practices and capabilities with strategy and execution to manage risks and create more value out of it. The typical risk areas would include regulatory compliance (53%), operational concerns, geopolitical uncertainty. I also believe that uncertain economic growth also brings with it increased risks. Interestingly, 23% of the respondents saw information insecurity as a key risk along with technological disruption. It's important to note here that the responses are reflective of direct risk exposures that their respective companies are exposed to. ERM implementation would bring in more accurate results as it considers the implementation of company practices, strategy and cultural aspects to reflect real terms and numbers. Hence, business decisions would also become key drivers of ERM implementation. The research report did reflect this fact as applicable with 88% of organizations.

ERM creates a supportive fabric not just for organizations but also for investors. 76% of the respondents to the research survey expressed that ERM framework helps boost investor confidence. I think organizations looking forward to ERM implementation would require maturity at multiple levels to devise an accurate and responsive ERM strategy. Combining critical yet influential factors of organizational functioning and performance can bring to the fore the keys to an efficient ERM plan. For e.g merging control and compliance with strategic business decisions. The survey brings to light the lack of risk compliance governance (RCG) within Indian companies. 73% of organizations are equipped with RCG for more than 3 years while only 7% of organizations introduced it in last year. I believe we need to see more of this and at an accelerated pace.

the survey, it was revealed that most organizations (98%) adopted designed and documented structure for risk governance. This would include appointing board-level sub committees, redoing their risk analysis strategies and imbibing a renewed/updated approach to risk management in times when disruptions are increasingly becoming common across industries due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality Biometrics (AR), Internet-of-Things and Predictive Analysis.

To come up with an effective ERM plan, the organizations need to assess the amount and type of risks the organizations are willing to take in line with their strategic decisions. Well defined KRI's or Key Risk Indicators was seen among 72% of organizations according to the survey and 41% of respondents claim to have them perfectly integrated, linked and prioritized. Hence, risk as a factor is an integral ingredient that should be aligned mindfully with the ERM framework.

What's my Vitamin E Mantra?

Each and everyone is becoming more and more health conscious these days. While some indulge in Physical Exercise, some go for Yoga. Some get into cycling and some into jogging. What is important is not the mode you adapt but the effectiveness of it since you need to be consistent with whatever you do.

While we do all the above to enhance our body looks, there is something which we may tend to oversee. Yes. I am talking about the intake of right amount of vitamins and minerals. While our traditional Indian food was rich in these, we have slowly moved away from it towards western culture and adapted to fast food and junk foods. The end result is devastating. We end up getting many physical ailments including heart attacks and other problems like obesity which is one of the main reason for the heart attacks apart from other diseases.

Is there a way to overcome this?

Yes. There are many ways infact. We end up hitting the gym either in the early morning or after work. What we do not get in the meanwhile is getting exposed to sunlight which is the natural source of Vitamin D. Since most of the time we do sit inside our office which is airconditioned,our body gets toned to that artificial climate and we end up getting various ailments.

I am going to talk about Vitamin E in particular in this blogpost. To start with, Vitamin E is one of the essential vitamins which keeps you skin supple and healthy. Proper intake of Vitamin E can help you fight ageing related problems. Vitamin E is essential in maintaining the cells, tissues and the organs. Lack of Vitamin E will cause trouble in the vision, weakness, anaemia to name a few and if not diagnosed early, can lead to serious trouble.

Our lifestyle has changed so drastically that we tend to sit in front of a PC/Laptop for hours together or end up fiddling with our phone checking the social media without giving much care for our eyes. It is not a machine and even eyes needs rest.  If we get a good 7-8 hours sleep daily, it is a good one but honestly speaking how many of us are sleeping for those many hours? Firstly, try to get a good sleep by keeping aside your worries.Secondly, move your concentration away from gadgets once an hour for 5 minutes or so by looking at the greenery like plants/trees etc., and do wash eyes with cold water regularly and you may use cucumber to cool it during the breaks.

Coming to what I do on a daily basis is this:

I go for a jog in the early morning so that I get to inhale fresh air.

I do use fitness tracker to keep a track of how much calories I have burnt and how much hours of sleep I have got the previous night.

Coming to the Vitamin E quotient, I eat 5-6 soaked almonds early in the morning. It is advisable to eat almonds this way since it enhances its strength and keep the vitamins intact. It is also good to soak them the night before in drinking water and drink the water as well.

Initially, you may find it difficult to eat but trust me, this is one o the best ways to ensure that your body gets enough Vitamin E content. If you are not comfortable with this, you may add lot of spinach with your fruit or add peanut butter instead of normal butter/jam combo. Vitamin E is found in abundance in Kiwi Fruit/Avocado as well. If you love sweets, sweet potato is another option as well. You may try changing these combo so that you will not get boredom eating same stuff.

However there is another way to ensure that you get enough Vitamin E content. It is through intake of Evion Supplements. You may visit http://www.evion.co.in/ which talks about the goodness and also about the reasons as to why you may consider the product in order to get enough Vitamin E for your body. #Evion is a world leader in this segment since they have been in the field for close to 4 decades and have both the options - internal and external application. Being health conscious alone isn't sufficient. How you stay put healthy matters....

Could the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018 set new standards for the classic distance in India?

The leading men’s contenders attending Friday’s elite athletes press conference for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 were unanimous in their prediction ahead of Sunday’s big event, it could be the fastest ever race over the classic distance ever witnessed in India.

The current course record is 2:08:35, set by Kenya’s Gideon Kipketer in 2016, and that also stands as an Indian all-comers record. However, with seven men in the field having career bests faster than that time and with race promoters Procam International having also assembled the strongest ever field in the history of one of Asia’s most prestigious marathons, that standard is clearly under threat.

“I’m in very good shape and I think I can run as fast as 2:06. A course record is possible, but I also want a personal best,” said Ethiopia’s Solomon Dekisa, the fastest man in the field.

Deksisa, 23, can boast of a best of 2:06:22 from when finishing second at the 2016 Rotterdam Marathon and he’s been in hard training for Sunday’s race since he finished third in the Toronto Marathon last October.

“I had the option of several other marathons, but I chose this race after discussing what I should do with my coach,” he added, attesting to the Tata Mumbai Mumbai’s ever-growing reputation among the world’s leading distance runner.

Kenya’s Joshua Kipkorir was second in last year’s race and, unperturbed by the presence of Deksisa and the other top runners, is determined to go one better on Sunday.

Kipkorir set a personal best of 2:09:50 in last year’s race but despite the relatively modest time by elite standards, he certainly has a very good chance of climbing to the top of the podium.

“I ran 2:13 at altitude for a marathon in Nairobi in November and that was simple, it felt no harder than a long training run. I think 2:06 is possible on Sunday and people tell me the race could be hot, but that doesn’t worry me,” said the ambitious Kipkorir.

His compatriot Evans Ruto, the 2014 winner in Mumbai, concurred on the question of the winning time.

“I feel I’m in good enough shape to regain my title and it might take a course record to do that,” commented Ruto.

The women’s course record of 2:24:33, also an Indian all-comers record, on paper looks like being a tougher target but a big boast for the race promoters came when they signed up the last two Tata Mumbai Marathon winners and Kenya’s defending champion Bornes Kitur will take on Ethiopia’s 2016 winner Shuko Genemo.

“I am in better shape than last year. I cannot say how much better, maybe just a little, but definitely better,” said the quietly-spoken Kitur.

The more gregarious Genemo was more expansive in her analysis and it is worth noting that she had a 2017 best of 2:26:06 at the Vienna Marathon and ran under 2:29:00 in her other two marathons last year, “My preparation has been going well and I think my experience of running here two years ago will certainly be an advantage. In 2016, it was windy but not so hot as I expected and that was a big help,” added Genemo, who won by more than four minutes from Kitur in 2016.

“However, of course I would like to win and that’s what I am aiming for but if I do get a victory, I doubt it will be by more than four minutes. One of the reasons is that my friend Amane [Gobena] is here,” joked Genemo, turning to face the fastest woman in the women’s race, her fellow Ethiopian Amane Gobena.

Now 35, Gobena ran her personal best of 2:21:51 when finishing second in the 2016 Tokyo Marathon and returned to the famous race in the Japanese capital last February where she finished third in 2:23.09.

However, she did not race at all in the second half of last year and has arrived in Mumbai with fresh legs. “I was told there was a chance I could go to the World Championships in London but when I was not selected I was so disappointed that I stopped training completely for two months before starting training again,” said Gobena. “But it means I am not tired now.”

The Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018, an IAAF Silver Label Road Race, has a total prize fund of US$405,000 this year, with cheques of $42,000 going to the first man and woman across the line.

Approximately 44,000 runners will take to the roads in Mumbai for the six different races in what has become an annual event in the city on the third Sunday of January.

In addition to the marathon, there is a half marathon, Dream Run (6km), Senior Citizens Race (4.3km), a Champions with Disability Race (1.5km) and, a new race in 2018, the Timed 10K run.
MALE ELITE ATHLETES (with nationality, year of birth and personal best – correct at 19 January)
Solomon Deksisa                  ETH/1994                    2:06:22
Chele Dechasa                    ETH/1984                    2:06:33
Shumi Dechasa                    BRN/1989                   2:06:43
Abraham Girma                  ETH/1986                    2:06:48
Tebalu Zawude                    ETH/1987                    2:07:10
Evans Ruto                            KEN/1984                   2:07:49
Philip Kangogo                     KEN/1983                   2:08:16
Samuel Mwaniki                   KEN/1984                   2:08:56
Aychew Bantie                    ETH/1995                    2:09:40
Joshua Kipkorir                     KEN/1994                   2:09:50
Eliud Barngetuny                  KEN/1987                   2:10:23
Vincent Kipchumba                        KEN/1990                   2:10:32
Jeffrey  Eggleston                USA/1984                   2:10:52
Shumet Akalnaw                 ETH/1988                    2:13:18
Husen Muhammedamin     ETH/1993                    2:14:19

Bornes Kitur                           KEN/1988                   2:29:01 (defending champion)

Amane Gobena                  ETH/1982                    2:21:51
Shuko Genemo                    ETH/1995                    2:24:31
Helalia Johannes                 NAM/1980                 2:26:09
Monika Stefanowicz             POL/1980                   2:28:26
Kumeshi Sichala                   ETH/1995                    2:28:42
Afera Godfay                       ETH/1991                    2:28:46
Kuftu Tahir                              ETH/1995                    2:31:27
Tejitu Daba                            BRN/1991                   2:31:32
Rose Maru                             KEN/1987                   2:33:05
Birke Debele                         ETH/1995                    2:40:48
* For more information about the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018, the website of the event is: 

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Tata in Sports
Tata group, a global enterprise with combined revenues of around US$100 billion, along with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the world’s leading IT servicesconsulting and business solutions organisations, are the title sponsor of the Tata Mumbai Marathon.
Sport has always been an integral part of Tata for over 75 years. Tata’s association with multiple sports ranging from cricket, football, hockey, badminton, chess, athletics, mountaineering and motor racing, among others, has produced many award-winning sportspersons, helped the development of marginal communities and supported sporting teams, national and international events as well as training academies. The Tata Sports Club was set up in 1937 to encourage sports among its employee base across the country. 
TCS is the sponsor of many premier global marathons across the world like the TCS New York City Marathon, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, and the TCS Lidingloppet (the world’s largest cross-country run), and the technology partner of the marathons held in London, Chicago, and Boston — all part of the company’s effort to promote health and fitness in the communities, the world over.

TATA Mumbai Marathon Brand Ambassador Sergei Bubka welcomed by CM of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis

Chief Minister of MAHARASHTRA, Shri Devendra Fadnavis today welcomed Tata Mumbai Marathon International Event Ambassador, Sergey Bubka, along with Procam promoters Anil & Vivek Singh, at his residence – Varsha, ahead of Race Day, on Sunday, Jan 21.