What's my Vitamin E Mantra?

Each and everyone is becoming more and more health conscious these days. While some indulge in Physical Exercise, some go for Yoga. Some get into cycling and some into jogging. What is important is not the mode you adapt but the effectiveness of it since you need to be consistent with whatever you do.

While we do all the above to enhance our body looks, there is something which we may tend to oversee. Yes. I am talking about the intake of right amount of vitamins and minerals. While our traditional Indian food was rich in these, we have slowly moved away from it towards western culture and adapted to fast food and junk foods. The end result is devastating. We end up getting many physical ailments including heart attacks and other problems like obesity which is one of the main reason for the heart attacks apart from other diseases.

Is there a way to overcome this?

Yes. There are many ways infact. We end up hitting the gym either in the early morning or after work. What we do not get in the meanwhile is getting exposed to sunlight which is the natural source of Vitamin D. Since most of the time we do sit inside our office which is airconditioned,our body gets toned to that artificial climate and we end up getting various ailments.

I am going to talk about Vitamin E in particular in this blogpost. To start with, Vitamin E is one of the essential vitamins which keeps you skin supple and healthy. Proper intake of Vitamin E can help you fight ageing related problems. Vitamin E is essential in maintaining the cells, tissues and the organs. Lack of Vitamin E will cause trouble in the vision, weakness, anaemia to name a few and if not diagnosed early, can lead to serious trouble.

Our lifestyle has changed so drastically that we tend to sit in front of a PC/Laptop for hours together or end up fiddling with our phone checking the social media without giving much care for our eyes. It is not a machine and even eyes needs rest.  If we get a good 7-8 hours sleep daily, it is a good one but honestly speaking how many of us are sleeping for those many hours? Firstly, try to get a good sleep by keeping aside your worries.Secondly, move your concentration away from gadgets once an hour for 5 minutes or so by looking at the greenery like plants/trees etc., and do wash eyes with cold water regularly and you may use cucumber to cool it during the breaks.

Coming to what I do on a daily basis is this:

I go for a jog in the early morning so that I get to inhale fresh air.

I do use fitness tracker to keep a track of how much calories I have burnt and how much hours of sleep I have got the previous night.

Coming to the Vitamin E quotient, I eat 5-6 soaked almonds early in the morning. It is advisable to eat almonds this way since it enhances its strength and keep the vitamins intact. It is also good to soak them the night before in drinking water and drink the water as well.

Initially, you may find it difficult to eat but trust me, this is one o the best ways to ensure that your body gets enough Vitamin E content. If you are not comfortable with this, you may add lot of spinach with your fruit or add peanut butter instead of normal butter/jam combo. Vitamin E is found in abundance in Kiwi Fruit/Avocado as well. If you love sweets, sweet potato is another option as well. You may try changing these combo so that you will not get boredom eating same stuff.

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