Book Review - The Science and Art of Holistic Living (Shatayushi Anand Yog)

Title - The Science and Art of Holistic Living (Shatayushi Anand Yog)
Author - Dr Vyankatesh Katkar
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Author Paradise
ISBN - 8944571548375

This is the second book of Dr Vyankatesh Katkar that I have read in the period of 4 days. This is completely different from the first book I have read. In this book, the author has shown his excellence and experience in the field of medicine, food, exercise etc to live a hale and healthy life.

The book is divided into 3 Parts.

Part 1 deals with Holistic Living, Heart, Hypertension, Diabetes, Exercise, Health Promoting Diet, Understanding the food, Planning the diet and weight management

Part 2 deals with Stress elimination, Anger elimination, Hatred and Jealousy, Worries and Recipes for Success

Part 3 deals with Stress Management Strategy, Stress Management through Yoga,Hypnosis for all round development and Stress Management and Life Style Factors

What is unique about this book?

Even though the book talks about many things in great detail, the best part is that it has all been done in small chunks. This makes the book a real interesting read. Tabular columns with relevant values were given by the author, when it comes to food which includes calories, where required.

You may not do all of them in one go but there is no harm in trying and when you keep doing it, it becomes a routine and hence will lead you over to a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, I would suggest not to complete reading the book in one go as you may not end up grasping all the important contents but read it leisurely covering 1 chapter a day.

The book is much more interesting than a story or a novel since this is beneficial to us in real time. I would say this is more like a self help book which, if mastered, would not require you to consult a physician as you may not fall sick regularly.

The book is available on Amazon