Book Review - Stepping Stones:Taking Towards The Goal

Title - Stepping Stones:Taking Towards The Goal
Author - Lubhna Dongre
Genre - Self Help
Publisher - Notionpress
ISBN - 978-1-948473-35-4

I do not know where to begin with in the first place to write a review about this book. Despite the fact that this book has been written by a 14 year old girl, the book exhibits sheer brilliance when it comes to approaching the life - be it with education or otherwise.

What did I like the most in this book?

There are many in fact. I liked the way the book was written. The flow was so good that in spite of reading the life of a small girl, you feel like getting information which is so rich that can guide you through. Please note that the author is not trying to portray herself as a guru or something but being a motivational speaker herself at this young age, the book clearly reflects her matured mindset.

Of course, you cannot expect a person who is just 14 to write like a 40+ but the writings almost matches that age group which is a surprising factor to me. Girls at this age, most of the time, end up talking about gossips or fashion or style but I liked the approach adopted by the author in this book which is surely a guiding light for the aspiring kids.

You would equally be amazed that this book is really bulky and runs almost 400 pages but don't get bogged down by the volume because almost 1/4th of it is dedicated to the letters and mails which Lubhna has received from many distinguished personalities which is again a treasure trove since we get to read what those visionary people have said about the youth and their future.

It is a sad fact that parents(not majorly) still try to impart their dream on their kids by making them read something which is not interesting or appealing to them. The end result is a disaster wherein these otherwise talented kids end up achieving nothing. Lubhna has also highlighted the need of reform in the education system in our country which sadly gives importance to marks and not to other aspects in general like practical knowledge which makes a major difference when implemented in full scale. 

The book is divided into 10 parts and each and every part is a classic of its own.

Finally, I must admit that I saw some similarities of mine in Lubhna since I shared the same mindset and I to had the habit of writing to visionaries and was lucky enough to have received a reply from the then President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and former CEO of Miscosoft Mr Steve Ballmer which I still preserve it as a treasure.

The book is really worth your time and money.

The book is available on Amazon